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Intel Pentium Xeon X3430 2.4 Processor
2 x 500 GB SATA Hard Drive
4 GB DDR Standard RAM
1 MBPS Guaranteed Bandwidth (Burstable)
2 IP Address Dedicated
CentOS Preload Linux Operating System
TM Netmyne Kuala Lumpur Bandwidth / Datacenter
Daily 24 x 7 Support via Ticketing System
Unlimited Server Reboot
Unlimited Faulty Hardware Replacement
Full Root Access Total Server Control
RM 330.00 (refundable deposit)
RM 330.00 (per month)
6 Month
RM 1,900.00 (no deposit or monthly fees)
Monthly server fee is not refundable. Deposit is fully refundable upon cancellation with minimum 3 working days notice. Deposit will be fortified when there is no cancellation or montly payment default.
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 Full Details
1 X 155 Mbps (Teleglobe)
1 x 45 Mbps (MCI)
1 x 45 Mbps (MCI Satellite)
1 x 45 Mbps (AT&T)
1 x 45 Mbps (ABONE)
2 x 2 Mbps (MCI, 2nd link)
1 x 512 kbps (MCI) to USA
1984 kbps (KDD)
1024 kbps (IDC)
1024 kbps (Japan Telecom)
1984 kbps (Telstra, Australia)
2 x 1984 kbps (SingTel, Singapore)
512 kbps (IndoSat, Indonesia)
1984 kbps (Kornet, Korea)
1984 kbps (Dacom, Korea)
1984 kbps (CHTI, Taiwan)
512 kbps (CAT, Thailand)
1984 kbps (CWHKT, Hong Kong)
1984 kbps (Etisalat, UAE)
100 Mbps to Jaring, Malaysia
 Data Centre
Netmyne Cyberjaya 2 (Kuala Lumpur)
155Mbps + 155mbps EastGate Redundancy
E1 (2Mbps) to STM1 (155Mbps) Backbone
EastGate 1 x 155Mbps via US (Teleglobe)
EastGate 1 x 45Mbps via Japan (Abone)
24 Hours Monitoring
Monday - Friday Server Check-In/Check-Out
Raised Floors
Temperature Control Systems
Separate Cooling Zones
Split Unit Air-Conds
Centralized UPS
Power Generator
42U Dedicated Locked Server Racks
Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV)
WebCam Surveillance
FM200 Smoke Detection
Fire Suppression Systems
Humidity Controller
Security and Fire Threat Detection
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Accepted Payment

 Operating System Available
CentOS (Recommended)
Fedora Core
Fedora Core
Windows 2008
Windows Server 2008
RM150 per month
 Upgrade & Add-on Services
Server Security
Security & Hardening
Free (First Time)
Server Management
Monitoring & Support
RM150 per month
cPanel License
Control Panel License
RM150 per month
Control Panel License
RM50 per month
RM350 per mbps
Dedicated IP
1 Lot 8 IP Address
RM100 per year (lot)
Remote KVM
Keyboard Mouse Monitor
Free (Troubleshoot Only)
Other Job
RM 75 per hour
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